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Sunset Goldens

Quality Golden Retrievers Bred For Health, Temperament, And Ability

About Us...

This area will be updated with current info about us! It certainly doesn't change all the time, but our dogs continue to amaze me and I cannot wait to share how they are changing lives and what they are accomplishing in all different areas. Along the way, I learn more than I could have ever imagined! Goldens are the best!

Sunset Goldens met the requirements to become an AKC Breeder Of Merit on September 22, 2014.

Sunset Goldens is recognized with and AKC Kennel Name of SUNSET HHF. We offer Breeding, training, and sales of quality Golden Retrievers and Puppies that excel as Service and Therapy Dogs and in competition in events including AKC Rally, AKC Obedience, AKC Hunt Tests, and more!

I think it is time for another update! I've thought about erasing everything that is below (past this new update) but I think it is great to see where my journey had me starting, where I am now, and where I see the future of my lines going. It has been a very busy few years for me both within the dog world and within my own family. 

Our dogs have continued to amaze me beyond my expectations! Hunt titles have been earned, service dogs are serving, and I have my own personal Therapy Dog that goes to our local hospital with me and we get to meet so many wonderful people. In addition to that, many titles have been earned in Obedience and Rally and Hunting. I am truly blessed that I am able to do things that I enjoy with things that keep the dogs sharp, happy, and healthy.

This past year, as I was laid up a little bit being pregnant myself, I picked up and fell in love with the sport of Dock Diving! It is quite a rush to be able to watch the dogs doing things they love. Its an incredible bonus when they can exercise, play, and earn titles doing it! The second new sport we are taking on is something called Barn Hunts. This is a little weird, but fun! It is another great use of a Golden Retriever's nose and hunting skills.

I do believe that all Goldens should have natural hunting instincts that they were originally bred for. We are so proud of 2 of our current dogs who are competing in Hunt Tests right now. Both Pebbles and Bobbie will be competing at the Senior Hunt Test level in 2015. I am so proud of them both! On top of that, Pebbles has also produced several service dogs in training. This is a shining example of what I value most in my breeding program. Pebbles is beautiful and has nice structure. She has titles in Hunting, Obedience, Rally, CGC--- then, she produces dogs with her excellent temperament that can become calm/trained service dogs. This to me is the ultimate combination.

This year is also the first that I have specifically bred a dog for Conformation shows. I'm expecting 2 different litters this year that are bred to AKC CHAMPION dogs with heavily CH'd pedigrees (and excellent health testing/history)! I'm excited to see what is produced when I take my dogs with several generations of smart, healthy dogs with drive and mate them to dogs that I believe are gorgeous and will compliment my girls beautifully. This is truly an educated test and I will be keeping 1 pup from each breeding and the goal will be to both Show in Conformation AND compete in Hunting and Obedience. Well, that is the dream any way :)

It has been a busy year in many other ways as well. For current updates on what is happening, please visit either my competition page for a list of where we have or where we will be competing, OR VISIT MY BLOG. My blog will have write ups on things that we have done that either went great/not so great (hey, every experience is meant for learning) or were memorable for some other reason.

Finally, as you research breeders for "the perfect golden" I truly urge you to make sure the breeder is doing what they say they are doing. Are they competing with their dogs, or just saying that it might be good at something because they once saw a Golden doing it? Are they testing their dogs for Heart, Hip, Eye, Elbows, Ichtyosis, and PRA, or simply testing for 1 of those things and then claiming the dog is tested? I bring this up because not all Goldens are the same. If the parents to a pup you are getting isn't being used for a purpose, why is it being bred? If it is doing something, can you see titles that back up that claim?


I am very proud of the few, but wonderful puppies that we produce. They go on to lead full and productive lives. Because of them, I am able to meet with and be a part of families for many years that I would not have otherwise met.


Trisha Ferris


IMPORTANT!!! WE ARE NOW TESTING OUR DOGS FOR PRA AND ICHTYOSIS! This is a relatively new test, but can cause early blindness in Goldens. When looking for your new Golden, PLEASE be aware that ALL breeders should be testing for this! To read more information on PRA please visit this link: Progressive Retinal Atrophy

          I think it is about time I update this page since so much has been happening at Sunset Goldens for the past 6 years...

          I have been involved with goldens now for 13 years as a part of Sunset Goldens of Oregon. It has been quite a journey and one that still teaches me on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of what has become a very serious hobby. It started as general love of the breed and through much training and education has become so much more. They are without doubt the best family pet. However, as I started competing with my dogs about 7 years ago and breeding top quality puppies, I have found out so much about myself, the breed, and the ability they have to change lives by becoming Service Dogs.

          My original (and naive) goal was to have the best conformation dog. I purchased a dog that I thought would do it, but while she was beautiful, she wasn't conformation type. So I went to work. I also began to realize through personal experience that the most beautiful dog didn't always have the best temperment, or didn't really care about working/being obedient. So, after a few years of frustration, I realized that the perfect dog to me wasn't what I had originally thought. I wanted more than a beautiful animal. I wanted health, beauty, brains and drive!

          After changing what I valued I have spent the last 6 years trying to put what I value into a beautiful package. I think what speaks most highly of what I am after is the fact MANY of these dogs through several generations, have become service dogs. That is the most satisfying. In my last litter 7 out of the 11 puppies went to service training. It makes me incredibly happy just thinking of the new life that these dogs will be able to provide to their new owners.

          The really neat thing is that because I've been careful in what I have bred and what I'm trying to produce, these dogs really are the total package! They are beautiful. They are very healthy and have EXCELLENT OFA, CERF, PENN-HIP, PRA, and ICHTYOSIS testing behind them. They have wonderful temperments that have the right amount of drive and motivation to work and be trainable... mixed with the right amount of calm that will relax and lay quietly beside you in the house. This is truly what I am after. A dog that can do it all. They are beautiful and can step in the show ring, or perfomance ring, be a service dog, or be an outstanding pet.

A lot of the reason that I have these dogs out and active in competition is that proves and solidifies that they can do exactly what I am hoping they can. They are proving themselves and proving that what they produce is consistent, trainable, healthy, and smart smart goldens that are able to do and be exactly what the breed standard calls for.


          Animals have been a part of my life since I was old enough to get on my pony with my riding crop tucked in my diaper, pretending I was a jockey in The Kentucky Derby. I never became a jockey, but have always enjoyed animals and competitive activities. My outlets for this were horses, dogs, and basketball. 

          Animals are a very full-time activity at my property, though still a hobby. I am constantly learning new information, researching, training my own animals, and helping others train theirs. I am also a student and nearing completion for my Veterinary Technician degree.

And to continue my education with training, I meet on a weekly basis with other trainers to expand my knowledge.

          We have been breeding quality dogs for companionship since 1992. That began with Toy Poodles and have since grown with the addition/gradual change over to Golden Retrievers in 2000. We no longer breed poodles.

          The temperment and soundness (think health testing!!!) of the dog is the most important thing to us when we breed, but in 2007 we started showing our dogs as proof to the intelligence and conformation qualities that they also posess. It is our hope that you leave with a stucturely sound, well behaved puppy that can really turn some heads!

          Our dogs have been carefully selected in accordance to the AKC breed standard. Please visit for more information on the Golden Retriever breed standard. They are well balanced, beautiful animals with exceptionally calm/fun personalities. They have come from many generations of Goldens that consistently produce healthy offspring free of hereditary problems known to the breed. 

          The health of the dog/pup is our #1 priority. Keeping to the highest standard in this area, not all dogs on our site will be mated. In some cases, we are simply showcasing dogs we have produced. If a female is used for breeding, she will NEVER have more than 1-4 litters in her lifetime. Our hope is that with each mating, the line improves to the next generation. That is the ONLY reason a breeding should take place. It should also be noted that we usually only breed for a litter when we are looking to keep a puppy from that mating to use for competition (within our own program) or when one of our dogs is called on for service dog work. Our litters are never "accidental" or "unplanned". When we do breed, breeding quality dogs is something we take very seriously.

          Please also visit the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program and Being A Responsible Dog Owner links to the left. They will give you a great idea of what we really value as breeders and as an owner. We are very pleased that when you take your puppy home at 8+ weeks it will be well on its way to becoming a Socialization*Training*Activity*Responsibility pup and ready to learn!

We serve a wide customer base in the Oregon and Washington area. However, that has not limited us as our puppies have found new homes in OREGON, WASHINGTON, IDAHO, MONTANA, UTAH, CALIFORNIA, TEXAS, WYOMING, ALASKA and COLORADO!

At Sunset Goldens we make our dogs and their transition into your home our first priority. From the personal knowledge and help we make all of our dealings with you as enjoyable and helpful to you as possible.

Call 503-970-1092 today for more information!

          Sunset Goldens is based on the belief that our new owners' needs are of the utmost importance. When you purchase our puppies, we are available to you for the life of your dog. We always welcome questions you may have, or a good story to chuckle about. Puppies and dogs provide many of those! In the event that you can no longer keep your pet, or find a reliable home, we ask that you return him/her to us.

          Merchandise, services, and puppies are also backed by a guarantee.  


Banks, Oregon


Please email or call for more information and an appointment.

For help with training please visit My Blog link to the left.

It's a great way to read about my personal experiences with goldens (I write about the good and the bad!) and to add your own comments or questions and I'll address those as I can. Unless I get specific questions, this will more or less be a diary of dog training and thoughts. However, I'd LOVE to answer any questions you may have about your doggie :)


2017 Update

I could have never imagined where the past few years would take me and to the directions I am heading in the future.