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Sunset Goldens

Quality Golden Retrievers Bred For Health, Temperament, And Ability


The following links & information have proven very helpful over the years. These can answer questions about registration, health testing, training help/tips, and SO MUCH MORE! I am choosing to list these as a help to ANYONE interested in learning about, or competing with goldens. If you have questions please email me, even if your dog did not come from me. I am very friendly and want to further the breed by educating new owners and producing well-behaved canine citizens. The key to that is responsible/knowledgeable owners that help puppies and dogs reach their full potential! 

Please check them out. We do not guarantee anything on this page other than we have found great help from everything listed. Only things that we use personally use will be listed on here.

****I'm adding new training information in the next few weeks!!! I have found some wonderful new resources!

The American Kennel Club

The place to start when registering you puppy. Also great for learning information about the breed, competitive events, etc.

The United Kennel Club

Some of our dogs are also UKC registered in addition to being AKC registered. This gives double the competitive venues PLUS they have some newer and very FUN events... think DOCK DOGS!

The International All-breed Canine Association

All of our dogs are registered with this registry. This is the best place to get 1 on 1 attention from a Judge that will go over your dog inch by inch with an honest critique of it. Most judges are also affiliated with AKC or UKC.

AKC Canine Health Foundation

Landmark canine health research that helps us to understand root causes of disease and illness. We joined this group for 2 reasons. 1st is that AKC spends countless dollars researching hereditary complications with not only Golden Retrievers, but all breeds. The 2nd reason is a benefit of that. I have access and the most up to date information about what may be changing within the health of my breed. 

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals OFA

This website gives all information about testing on animals, hip/heart, etc. ALL breeding dogs should have both of these tests through this organization. This is the only way to get a certified and valid heart exam. Penn-hip is comparable to OFA (see below).

PENN-HIP Hip Testing Information

This website gives extensive information about this method of diagnosis regarding hip dysplasia. This test is comparable to OFA, but is considered valid beginning at 4 months of age.

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers

This site is a no brainer. If you are looking for a dog trainer, or dog training information this is the place. DO NOT take classes from trainers that do not have the APDT certification. I am so excited to be heading to Atlanta, GA to go to my first APDT Convention October 2010.

**Dog trainers you pay your hard earned money to should be both APDT & CGC certified. Anyone can be or say they are a dog trainer. Make sure they are qualified and have the credentials to prove it!

The Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club of Oregon

This is the local club in Oregon that is afilliated with the GRCA.

Regarding Rover Dog Training

This is THE BEST PLACE to find training if you are anywhere near the area and have a puppy, or dog in need of training. I drive 2 hours roundtrip twice a week because I haven't found anyone better to get my dogs started! This is where I do all of my STAR PUPPY training. She is CPDT-KA and CGC certified.

I have other trainers I highly recommend, but not all have websites. Let me know what you are looking to accomplish and I can help to point you in a specific direction.

My Dogs Gym

This is just another great training option if you are in or around the Salem area. They have about every class imagineable. Also lots of guest trainers/speakers and clinics. They believe highly in clicker training.

Dog Days NW

This is an excellent training facility for those of you near Hazeldale/Vancouver area. They offer STAR puppy classes as well as about any other type of dog class you can imagine!

Rogue Retrievers

This is an excellent place located in Scappoose, OR for Obedience and field training. Also boarding and board and train. 

Valley Vet Supply

Just a great place for pet supplies